Day: September 10, 2014

Serendipity… Part 1/2

Hi from Copenhagen!  So I am falling a bit behind on processing my pictures, so those will come later… but I thought I’d share a cool story about traveling.  Like so many things, the best things are often unexpected.

So two days ago I was in Oslo and thinking “Tomorrow I need to get to Copenhagen”.  I had planned to take a Swedish railway (SJ) train, which even with no transfers takes about 5 hours and 50 minutes.  Also, it is generally around US$55 for a 2nd class ticket, so I figured I’d just pay and save a Eurail pass day.

The complication at the time was that I was taking a whole day to do the Flamsbana plus a fjord cruise (for another post).  I would return to Oslo around 10:30PM, and I had found some trouble booking SJ trains online (more an issue with my Visa card) plus I wanted to book some following night trains (also a bit iffy online when also using a Eurail pass).

Anyway, I figured I’d be back in Oslo Central station by 10:30PM, and their ticket office closes at 11:15PM, so I’d sort it then.  And I did get back in time.  Thing is, Oslo Central has the NSB train ticket office, which did book one of my night trains.  But they couldn’t do SJ trains.  No problem though, there’s an SJ train kiosk over there!

So I use the kiosk, but now it looks like the train ticket will be about US$70, plus maybe US$5 to reserve a seat.  Now we’re getting into Eurail pass-worth territority!  Being bushed from a long day on the train already (about 14 hours) I give up and go check in to the hostel.  Oh yeah, to save money I had switched from a regular hotel to a hostel after two nights in Oslo.