Day: September 16, 2014

Hello From Prague

Hi everyone!  Took another night train from Amsterdam to Prague.  Pretty decent ride although I will say that so far the City Night Line sleepers / couchettes have been OK but a little hard to get a good night’s sleep.  Mainly it is because the train stops at several stations and rocks a fair bit.  Not sure if it’s because the carriages so far have been a little older.  We’ll see how other train companies / lines stack up.

In any case, arrived in Prague and after some messing around trying to get proper coins for the Metro ticket, I made my way over to my AirBnB. The ticket machines here don’t take credit cards or bills, plus the Czech Republic still uses their currency, crowns, and not the Euro.  Tip: look for the toilets in the train station, and there will probably be a change machine.

After settling in (booked a private room, but looks like I will have the whole apartment to myself!) I went looking for lunch.  On the AirBnB host’s recommendation page was Potrefena Husa.  I went over and on the lunch specials was beef cheeks cannonade (sort of like a goulash made with dark beer), plus a 0.5L Staropramen beer at 1/2 price.  Done!

I started off with a Staropramen dark.

I started off with a Staropramen dark.

Nice beer, and with the lunch special, about US$0.65!  Yes, that is sixty-five cents.