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Pivovarsky Klub Prague

Prague, and the Czech Republic, is definitely a beer area.  While you may not find a wide variety of choices in a given restaurant, there are lots of good beers around.  One place that specializes in beer is Pivovarsky Klub.  Pivo is beer in Czech, if that helps.  I’d also been told that Anthony Bourdain went to Pivovarsky Klub when he visited Prague, which I have to admit made it a must-visit.

Pivovarsky Klub offers (as from their website) 240+ bottles of beer by the bottle, and six on tap.  The six on tap are listed above the bar, and I started off with a Milota Red Ale:

Milota Red Ale at Pivovarsky Klub.

Milota Red Ale at Pivovarsky Klub.

Pivovarsky Klub also serves good Czech food.  Unfortunately I was a bit limited by my cash reserves (darn those Czech forints) as I was leaving Prague that night within the hour and didn’t want any excess forints.  So no ostrich for me, and I chose the chicken schnitzel, which was still quite good:

De Kas Restaurant Amsterdam

On September 15, 2014 I went for lunch to the De Kas Restaurant Amsterdam.  My friend Nilay had highly recommended it, so of course I had to go, which was good enough for me!

The side of the restaurant, with a water feature alongside.

The side of the restaurant, with a water feature alongside.

The restaurant is located inside of a park, so it was quite nice to walk around the area a little beforehand.  On this weekday it was quiet in the park with just a few families and one woman getting a personal training session.

De Kas’ dining room is inside of a greenhouse structure, which would be great for any time of the year.  However, today the weather was exceptionally fine, so of course everyone sat outside.

The outdoor patio at De Kas, with everyone enjoying the late warm weather.

The outdoor patio at De Kas, with everyone enjoying the late warm weather.

The view from my table, of De Kas' garden.  Some of the produce you eat will come from right here.

The view from my table, of De Kas’ garden. Some of the produce you eat will come from right here.

Kartika Restaurant in Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam for a couple of days beginning with September 13, 2014.  One of the things on my must-do list was to find some Indonesian food.  Perhaps as a consequence of the Dutch colonization of Indonesia, Holland has a decent-sized Indonesian community.  Looking through Tripadvisor I found a listing for Kartika, and went to check

Split pea soup and pancakes, Sweden

Apparently there is a Thursday tradition of eating split pea soup and pancakes in Sweden.  And by Thursday, it seems many people do this just about EVERY Thursday.  A guy at the hostel had got a recommendation for a good place (and the lowdown on the tradition) so we headed over to try it.

Pretty good, first the soup (with side of sausage and ham):

Split pea soup, with a side of sausage and ham.

Split pea soup, with a side of sausage and ham.

And to go with it, pancakes…

Krystal Mozaika Bistro, Prague

Probably the most unexpected thing about Prague has been the quality of the food.  I expected food to be affordable, if not downright cheap, but I didn’t really know what to expect as far as type of food.  My vision of Eastern European food (from somewhere not necessarily based on any facts) was meat and potatoes – probably fairly bland.  Well, it has certainly been affordable (by US standards) but it has also been excellent!

Tonight I walked about a mile east (away from touristy areas like the Charles Bridge) and ate at Krystal Mozaika Bistro.  I think at least tied for favorite meal of the trip so far, and definitely wins for value (oops, will post about 2nd place soon).  First, the neighborhood certainly changed – almost no tourists or hotels as opposed to my current spot (sort of on the eastern edge of Praha 1).  However, it seemed pretty nice, and the bars and restaurants along the way were varied and several quite busy with young, fairly prosperous-looking types, though not what I would call yuppies nor hipsters.  Many places looked like nice little restaurants + bars where dinner would cost between US$10-20.  Also along the way were tons of cheaper eats, Chinese / Vietnamese and Turkish offerings where you could get a meal for about US$5.  Even a cheap sushi place!

Anyways, back to Krystal… it was a cool place, tucked away in between some offices / industrial looking buildings.  Inside it was fairly casually decorated, and cool modern music was playing.  But a look at the menu dispelled any casualness – interesting sounding dishes like “Cherry Smoked Duck Breasts – 5 hours smoked with home-made plums chutney” vied with “Free Range Chicken Thigh ala Coq a Vin”.  It was hard to decide — but I finally settled on Pickled Mushrooms to start, followed by the “Fillet of Fallow Deer, hokkaido pumpkin puree, autumn vegetables, veal jus and pumpkin seed oil.”  Plus a large draft beer (I think I missed the wine list which was on the blackboard, in Czech.  The waiter quickly gave me an English menu as soon as I said hello…)

Fillet of fallow deer, Krystal Mozaika Bistro, Prague.

Fillet of fallow deer, Krystal Mozaika Bistro, Prague.

The deer was amazing… perfectly medium-rare, and not gamey at all.  Have a better look after the jump, vegetarians may want to avoid… 🙂

Cafe Sorgenfri, Oslo, Norway

On the flight to Oslo I had a nice conversation with the guy in my row.  Since we were staying in the same area of Oslo we decided to meet up later.

So after checking in to our respective hotels, I met up with him to get some dinner.  He’d been to Oslo before so suggested walking over to the Akker Brygge area and seeing what looked good.

It was a pretty neat area, near to the museum of Modern Art.  Lots of new condo buildings, it looked quite fancy.  There were many restaurants, and not surprisingly, they were offering options like grilled steaks, Japanese sushi, Italian or Spanish tapas.  It seemed inappropriate to eat non-Norwegian the first night there so we looked around for something a little more ‘local’.

After making almost the entire loop we saw Cafe Sorgenfri … the menu mentioned something about Norwegian specials — bingo!  It also helped that they had nice outdoor seating, and the weather was amazingly mild even at around 10:00PM in early September.

Outdoor seating at Cafe Sorgenfri, Oslo, Norway

Outdoor seating at Cafe Sorgenfri, Oslo, Norway

It was fairly easy to choose: I selected the halibut entree and he, not being too hungry, chose the halibut appetizer.  And beers, 0,6 liters of course (not that weak 0,4 liter option).  Pictures after the jump!